Business flights in the new world

Private flights offer unparalleled flexibility in destinations, timetables, and types of aircraft. They are undoubtedly the optimal way to fly for business in the modern world.

Save time, enjoy privacy, limit exposure to viruses, and arrive at your destination ready for business. Whether you prefer to rest or work during your flight, we supply the perfect environment.

We offer elite service - from private check-ins in a matter of minutes to luxurious in-flight comfort and superior catering, our team is highly experienced and offer their full attention to support all your business needs. Our values are flexibility, reliability, and above all - safety.

Private flight - the ultimate travel experience

Take your next vacation to new heights - enjoy the privacy of a charted flight, the remote destinations, and the exceptional level of comfort and luxury.

New York City? London? Moscow? The Maldives? We fly worldwide to any destination and tailor the flight to your wishes and the size of your party.

Private service begins with uncrowded VIP check - in and boarding at dedicated terminals, continues with premium catering and intimate, attentive in-flight service from our highly experienced crew through to your arrival at your final destination.

Why wait until you arrive at your destination? With Shino Aviation, you can start your ultimate vacation experience the moment you leave home and make it your best trip, every time.

Safety first - travel with confidence

Shino Aviation makes safety its first priority across all the company’s activities, including aircraft maintenance, flight planning, air crew selection and training, and ground support. Shino operates under the most stringent regulations and nourishes a culture of ongoing excellence and awareness.

With Shino Aviation's impeccable record since its establishment in 2007 and its habit of not only meeting but surpassing safety standards, our clients can fly with peace of mind and confidence.