Air ambulance service

Shino Aviation’s air ambulance service offers unparallel solution for international medical flights.
Our fleet of planes can be customized to fit an air ambulance configuration, providing a mobile and comprehensive intensive care unit performed in flight. Equipped with advanced medical technology, our air ambulance service comes with senior medical staff to ensure the highest level of medical care for patients in transit. We are dedicated to bringing patients from anywhere in the world to wherever they can receive the treatment they need as quickly as possible.

Experienced medical team

Our air ambulance service is equipped with all the necessary medical equipment, including a therapeutic high-pressure oxygen, a defibrillator, fluid pump, critical indicators monitor, ventilator, high-pressure oxygen masks, isolation cell for the safe transport of COVID-19 patients and more.

Shino Aviation’s airborne medical team is experienced in hundreds of medical flights all over the world, and our service is BED TO BED - from the patient's bed in the country of origin, to the bed in the hospital in Israel. We work with all the major hospitals in Israel, including Sheba, Rambam, Ichilov, Beilinson, and Hadassah, to ensure that our patients receive the best medical care available.

Significant advantage

One of the significant advantages of our air ambulance service is that it takes priority in air traffic, allowing traffic controllers to shorten its flight path and reduce flight time. We understand the urgency of medical transportation, and our air ambulance flights usually leave at short notice. However, we also offer planned air ambulance flights for patients after planned surgeries or when it is known that the patient will undergo a long hospitalization, allowing for preparation of the air ambulance flight option.

Seamless medical care

To issue an air ambulance flight, we require knowledge of the patient's medical condition. Our airborne doctor communicates with the treating doctor to get the medical information about the patient, including their treatment history, medications, and required treatments for the duration of the flight. This way, our medical team can provide the best possible medical care for the patient during transit.

Trust Shino Aviation’s air ambulance service for your medical transportation needs. We prioritize your safety and comfort, providing a seamless and efficient BED TO BED service with advanced medical technology and experienced senior medical staff.