About Shino Aviation

Shino Aviation is an air charter company offering flights in private jets for business or leisure. The company was established in 2007 with the vision of delivering a superior air travel experience on all fronts—in terms of availability, flexibility, privacy, security, and uncompromised service to be sure, but more than that, to be your trusted team and your partner with whom you can make the most of your business with maximum safety.

Since its establishment, Shino Aviation has been providing its high-end clientele with fast, discrete, and secure air travel services in luxurious conditions. Among our clients are politicians, diplomats, international businessmen, top athletes, and celebrities who trust us to fulfill their travel requirements for business or pleasure. Whether you are traveling alone or with a party, we cater to your specific travel needs anywhere on the globe.

Our team

The Shino Aviation team is composed of the highest quality and most experienced air crew, in the cockpit and in the cabin. Our pilots are recruited from the elite of the Israeli Air Force. Shino’s “no compromises” policy is applied to all areas of operation and specifically in the safety and security department, where we follow the strictest of protocols.

Shino Aviation is certified to depart and land at thousands of destinations and airports around the world, including small and challenging airports like Chambéry, Samedan, Bolzano, Sion, St. Moritz, London City Airport, and many others.


Neer Osherovitz, CEO
Neer, the CEO of Shino Aviation LP, is a captain with more than twenty years’ experience. The company has been operating for more than thirteen years, managing more than ten aircraft and delivering hundreds of happy customers safely and quickly to their destinations.
Neer has more than16,000 flight hours, and he is certified on seven types of aircraft.
Asaf Keidar, Captain and Chief Pilot
With more than 7,500 flight hours and counting, Asaf has vast experience flying business jets all over the globe. He is certified on four types of jet aircraft.

Debbie Staropolsky, Director of Operations
Debbie has thirty years of experience in the travel and aviation industries.

Mariana Zatman
Customer service manager and chief flight attendant.

Our fleet

The Shino fleet is composed of aircrafts of all sizes, from large jets such as Bombardier’s Global and Challenger 605 to midsize and light airplanes like the Gulfstream IV and Citation CJ2. With over twelve aircraft under direct management and over fifty available via partnerships, Shino supplies the aircraft best suited to your specific needs.

Aircraft management service

The Shino Aviation Aircraft Management Service ensures that your most valuable asset is always available to serve your business and private needs at the highest service and safety standards.

Over the years, Shino Aviation has become the trusted partner of hundreds of high-profile individuals, organizations, and governments that cannot compromise on the experience, reliability, safety, and quality of their air travel services.

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