What are the safety standards under which Shino Aviation operates?

Shino Aviation makes safety its first priority across all the company’s activities, including aircraft maintenance partners, flight planning, air crew selection and training, and ground support. Shino Aviation operates under the most stringent regulations and holds all necessary certificates required by the authorities.

Does each flight have a crew of two pilots?

Yes, as safety and professionalism are top Shino Aviation priorities, there will always be two pilots on your private jet flight.

From which airports can I depart and arrive?

When planning your private flight, Shino Aviation will do its best to set up the arrival and departure airports to be located as conveniently as possible given the requirements of the aircraft (e.g., airfield facilities and runway lengths) and your needs (e.g., ground services and immigration). In most cases, with Shino Aviation you are able to land and depart at facilities much closer to your origin and destination than if you were to travel on a commercial flight.

How do you ensure my privacy?

When flying on private jets, privacy is the basis of the service. Shino Aviation considers all information regarding passengers and charter flight itineraries to be confidential in order to safeguard your privacy.

What types of aircraft are available? How many passengers can they accommodate?

Shino Aviation offers a wide variety of private jets to best suit small, medium, or large groups (up to sixteen passengers). The Shino Aviation fleet provides you with the flexibility to choose what best fits your travel needs.

How do I decide which aircraft is right for me?

Let Shino Aviation’s experienced team find the best solution for your private flight needs. Contact us directly for more information.

Are there any luggage size or weight limitations?

Each aircraft has different baggage compartment sizes and weight limitations. Shino Aviation will be at your service to advise and support you regarding any fragile or oversized baggage you are planning to carry on your flight. For further details, give us a call.

Can I bring my pets on your private jet aircrafts?

Yes, Shino Aviation is happy to accommodate your pets, in accordance with the necessary regulations.

What documentation do I need?

As in any commercial flight, all passengers are required to carry a passport when traveling internationally. All documents required for international travel, such as visas etc., must be presented to the flight crew prior to boarding and may be required to be reviewed by the immigration authorities.

What type of onboard catering do you provide?

Shino Aviation will provide the highest available level of catering on board. Please contact us for any special needs, such as vegetarian, diabetic, or other catering requirements.

How close to departure can I make a flight reservation?

Depending on your destination and aircraft availability, Shino Aviation can provide a private jet for your immediate needs within a few hours’ notice.

Are Wi-Fi, high-speed internet, and flight phones available on private jets?

Such services vary among the different aircraft of our fleet. Contact us directly for specific availability of communication facilities on board the aircraft you will be flying in.

Can you arrange ground transportation?

Yes, our premium services include support with all that is needed for your private flight to be a complete luxury, including the transportation needs before and after your flight.

Can you help me acquire and manage my own aircraft?

Yes, contact us for more information.